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Moonstone Productions is the studio of Irene Jackson, a producer, songwriter, and guitar teacher from Victoria BC in Canada. Irene has been composing production music since 1993, starting with the internationally syndicated series "Home Check with Shell Busey". Since then she has composed music for a number of television series many of which are described below. Have a listen to some of the tracks that Irene has composed:

Aboriginal Adventures Canada
Family Matters
Home Check
Doggin' It
Canadian Biker Television
At Home With Herbs
Get Up And Grow 


Some of Irene's thoughts on each series:

Aboriginal Adventures LogoAboriginal Adventures Canada was a real challenge in that I didn't want to introduce instruments that would give a sense of the cultural aspect without being too cliche. I used acoustic guitar as a main instrument, but also indian flutes and drums for texture and to give a sense of drama. I also found some First People's chanting, again just to provide the rootsy feel of the show, and built everything around those parts. I'm quite pleased with the final result. The website of the series is here.

Design District Logo Design District is a show all about interior design and uses real people and businesses to demonstrate the many aspects of each project, whether they are big or small. It was fun working on the music beds, as I made use of a large collection of contemporary loops and beats to give a sense of fun and energy to the series. Check out their website is here.

Family Matters LogoFamily Matters is a show all about the legal aspects of family law. Justice Harvey Brown is a real family court judge who doesn't mind asking the hard questions! The series isn't music intensive, but the theme has a serious tone while still maintaining a positive quality, featuring piano and some well placed loops. It is currently running on CHEK Television in Victoria and CHCH in Ontario. You can also watch it on the web here!

Home CheckHome Check is an internationally syndicated do-it-yourself home repair show featuring home improvement guru Shell Busey. The hardest part to record was the whistling! The producer had the idea for a 'whistle while you work' theme as a backdrop. I think I must have spent a good two or three hours getting it right...with cramps in my cheeks as a result! Well over one hundred episodes have run all across Canada on various Global stations and on the new cable station, Men TV. It has recently had a resurgence on CHEK Television in Victoria, BC.

CHEK News CHEK News in Victoria was first time I attempted a news music bed. I researched a number of themes in order to come up with several combinations, which was eventually narrowed down to a very traditional theme, complete with horns! This music package ran from 2005-2007. CHEK News is broadcast from Victoria BC, but it can be viewed all over Vancouver Island and the mainland on Channel 6. Even though my music isn't featured on it any more, watch it anyway!

Doggin It Doggin' It, hosted by Don Sullivan, is a show all about dogs...how to train them, groom them, featuring different breeds every week, and stories about dogs you'd never believe. This was a lot of fun for me to work on...the theme music featured the producer playing his trusty trombone. Really! A number of various music beds were also required in order to reflect dogs in all kinds of situations. There's even a segment about dogs in the movies. Really!

Canadian Biker TVCanadian Biker TV, a magazine style show on everything 'motorcycle'. It was quite a challenge to write for because this show featured a great deal of music, along with its theme...you can't have motorcycles on the roll without rock! Electric rock, blues, grunge and whatever "stretched my rock sensibilities to their utmost!" Initial run was on Speedvision.

At Home With HerbsAt Home With Herbs explores the benefits to well being from herbs. From cooking to teas to rediscovered remedies. the producers wanted a warm, but not-too-folksy feel to the theme and background music. Lots of acoustic guitar! 13 episodes have aired on BC's Knowledge Network and on The Women's Television Network, along with other private stations in Japan. As of 2010, it will be running on CHEK Television in Victoria.

get up and growGet Up And Grow is a weekly gardening program featuring local gardening expert, Gord Nickel. Looking for an original theme I composed a piece with a warm and inviting feel. Get out the acoustic! Most of the pieces in the series reflected the acoustic guitar in various lights. The series has run on CHEK Television in Victoria, and also on Global BCTV in Vancouver and across the Global Network.



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